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Cultivating high quality
medical cannabis

¿Can we talk? We are seeking companies interested in a high-quality pharma products.


Doñannabis pharma is a cutting-edge center of 4,500m2 for the cultivation of cannabis plants, currently in development and construction phase. It will provide high-quality flowers for pharmaceutical use worldwide, aspiring to consolidate itself as a benchmark in the production of medicinal cannabis.


Extraordinary surroundings

The Guadalquivir marsh is one of the largest protected natural enclaves in southern Europe. A location that meets the ideal conditions of temperature, humidity and light for growing cannabis

The Doñannabis cultivated field

The Doñannabis Pharma cultivation center is located on the border of the Doñana National Park, connected by highway with the rest of Spain and with international maritime routes through the bordering port of Huelva.


High production capacity

Doñannabis Pharma foresees an annual capacity of 1.5 tons of dry flower with an optimal active ingredient THC/CBD and other cannabinoids

Excelence on results

We seek to guarantee the highest quality in production, focusing our efforts on ensuring a 100% pharmaceutical product.

Cutting-edge technology

Our facilities, under construction, will have the most advanced technology aimed at optimizing agro-industrial processes in the most efficient way

Sustainable Production

Thanks to its location, the production center will have more than 3,000 m2 of solar energy generation as the main source of power for the project.

Our commitment:

The growing demand for medication obtained from the Cannabis plant gives meaning to the current development of this production center authorized by the AEMPS, which will comply with the strictest quality standards, GACP and EU-GMP

Contact with Doñannabis

We are currently closing deals with Pharmaceuticals companies interested in high quality medical cannabis. Do not hesitate to contact us to get more detailed information of the project, we will be pleased to talk to you.


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